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Solid Waste & Recycling
Waste Management

Waste Management purchased Advanced Disposal in 2020.  Our trash contract will remain the same with Waste Management as it was with Advanced Disposal.  If you have issues regarding your trash, recycling or bulk pickup please contact Waste Management at 1.800.634.4595.
Advanced Disposal was awarded the new 5 year waste contract which begins on April 1, 2018.  The cost for residents using the tag service is $3.50 per bag with a minimum purchase of 12 tags per year.  The new quarterly costs for residents using the toter service is $39.87.

The contract includes a 66 gallon recycling toter with a lid.  During the week of March 26th, residents should put out their 18 gallon recycling bins on your normal trash day.  After the recycling pick up has been completed, Advanced Disposal will deliver the new 66 gallon recycling toter to your residence and remove the 18 gallon bin.

Residents are still permitted to put out one bulk item per week for pick up.  Bulk items containing Freon will have to be tagge that the Freon is removed prior to pick up by Advanced Disposal.

Beginning on April 1, Advanced Disposal will be taking over the brush and leaf pick up.  Residents should put their leaves in craft bags, 30 gallon natural brown paper bags, which can be purchased at either Lowe's or Home Depot.  Brush should be in bundles, tied with twine, no longer than 3 feet long and nor more than 25 pounds per bundle.

Brush and leaf pick up will be held the weeks of April 16th and May 14th.  Brush and leaves should be placed curbside prior to 5:00 am Monday morning of the scheduled pick up week.

Holidays:  Advanced Disposal does not pickup trash on the following holidays:  New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.

Routes will be pushed back by one day following a holiday.  For example, if Christmas Day is on Tuesday and your normal service day is Tuesday, your trash will be picked up on Wednesday; if your normal pick up day is Wednesday it will be moved back to Thursday, etc.
Bulk Items
Residents are permitted to put out one (1) bulk item per week for pickup.

Acceptable bulk items are:

Furniture (such as sofas, chairs, tables, etc.)
Mattresses and Box Springs
Window Frames (no glass windows)
Wood (please make sure all loose wood is bundled)
Washers and Dryers
Metal Items (items such as lawn mowers must be free of gas)

***Only items that can be safely lifted by two men will be taken.

Unacceptable bulk items:

Tree Trunks or Stumps
Hazardous Materials (such as pesticides or chemicals)
Construction Materials (such as concrete or drywall)
Automobile Parts (such as engine blocks, batteries, tires, etc.)
The Township's Recycling Ordinance applies to both residential and commercial properties.

The following items are recyclable and can be placed in your curbside bin and mixed together:

Glass Food and Beverage Containers (lids removed)
Aluminum Food and Beverage Containers
Natural and Pigmented Plastic Narrow-Neck Containers with Symbols 1 thru 7
     (milk, water, detergent, shampoo, bleach bottles, etc.)
Ferrous Cans (iron, steel, tin)
Newsprint (black and white or pigmented)
Construction Paper
Craft Paper
Cereal Boxes
Shoe Boxes or similar items
Print Paper
Computer Paper
Copy Paper
Junk Mail
Corrugated Cardboard (small enough to fit into the recycling bin and not bound)
Telephone Books
Common Recycling Mistakes:  These are commonly mistaken items that often show up in recycling carts and bins, but they CANNOT BE RECYCLED.  Please do not put these items in with your recycling.

Plastic Grocery Bags:  These are the most common item in the bin or cart that should not be there.  Plastic grocery bags get caught in the recycling sorter and they have to shut the system down and manually pull the bags out.  You may take your plastic grocery bags back to grocery, pharmacy, or big-box stores where there are specially designated bins for recycling plastic bags.

Take-Out Containers & Donut Boxes:  Food residue can contaminate the boxes or other recyclable material.  They can only be recycled when they are free of food waste and residue.

Polystyrene (Styrofoam):  Although Styrofoam is recyclable, it requires highly specialized equipment that single stream recycling facilities are not equipped with.  Some restaurants (such as Chick-fil-A) accept their own Styrofoam cups for recycling.

Paper Coffee Cups:  Paper cups pose issues to recycling as well due to the plastic coating applied to prevent leaking. 

Shredded Paper:  Shredding paper reduces its size so dramatically that it ends up mised with the residue or glass at recycling facilities.  Because the machines sort broken glass and other debris by size, the shredded paper often gets destroyed or disposed of because it ends up in the wrong place.  Once it is mixed with glass or residue, it canno be recovered for recycling.

Pizza Boxes:  This is one of the most common recycling mistakes.  Although they are made of cardboard, the grease from the pizza contaminates the raw material.  You can tear off the untarnished parts and recycle them.

Household Glass:  Items like window panes, mirrors, light bulbs and dishes are dangerous and should be left out of the recycling.  Light bulbs can be recycled at many hardware and home improvement stores.  Dishes, if not broken, can be donated to local charities.

Wet Paper:  Paper that has gotten wet can make recycling difficult or impossible.  Take care to cover your recyclables to keep them safe from the elements.  Wet paper should be discarded with the trash.

Aerosol Cans:  While these are made of metal, because of the chemicals used to pressurize the cans, they are classified as a household hazardous waste and should be discarded as such - not with recyclables or with the garbage.

Ceramics & Pottery:    This includes things like coffee mugs and old flower pots.

Paint, Pesticides, Automotive Fluids, Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Kerosene & Car Batteries:  These items will not be accepted and should be disposed of at a azardous waste disposal facility.

Automotive Parts & Scrap Metal:  These items are too large and cumbersome for recycling equipment and could cause injury.

Hypodermic Needles:  At one time, people were told that it was safe to put needles into a plastic bottle.  It is not safe.  Workers can be exposed to grave illness and blood borne diseases.  For proper disposal, North Middleton Township has a pill and needle disposal in the lobby of the municipal building.
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